How does Chunwang® dry desiccant help solve moisture problems2019-08-20T10:45:53+08:00

Chunwang® dry Desiccants which are specially developed for shipping export containers and freight and air freight services, continuously absorb the humidity, dampness and bad smells from the enclosed area of the containers and prevent the cargo from rain and moisture damage. The desiccant will turn into a gel when absorb moisture. They can hold the moisture and dampness and keep them trapped without releasing back.

If I use Chunwang Dry Desiccant, will I have any more moisture problems?2019-08-20T10:46:50+08:00

Chunwang® dry desiccant prevents moisture damage by controlling the Relative Humidity (RH) and indeed prevents those problems. However, the ventilation holes in the container need to be closed and the number of units  to be put in a container needs to be adjusted to the situation.

What’s the desiccant inner material and packing material?2019-08-20T10:48:03+08:00

Inner material: Calcium chloride + starch

Packing material: Inner Tyvek/ Coated non woven +film

Why should we use CHUNWANG® Container Desiccant Bag?2019-08-20T11:02:06+08:00

1.Provides effective long-lasting protection from moisture.
2.Able to absorb a massive 250- 300% of its own weight in moisture.
3.Much more effective than silica gel or clay desiccants.
4.Will not leak or spill.
5.Easy to install.
6.Use small quantity, save cost.
7.No dmf, RoHS. SVHC. Reach compliant. Indentification and Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods, Certification for Sea Transport of Goods.
8.High quality desiccants manufactured in China more than 20 years.
9.Production Capacity

How can Chunwang® dry desiccant protect shipped goods?2019-08-20T11:03:04+08:00

Both small and large desiccant bags can be used as a dehumidifying agent in a shipping container. Desiccant bags for shipping containers draw in moisture from the interior air of the container, helping to absorb and hold water particles to prevent container Rain.

Do you offer free samples? If yes, how many samples can you provide?2019-08-20T10:54:59+08:00

Yes, 1-2pcs free sample (regular size) can be provided, and buyer share freight cost.

What are the sizes and weight of the packs?2019-08-20T11:40:22+08:00

We have standard sizes available, namely 1.5g, size: 3*4cm; 4g, 6x7cm; 8g,  6x10cm; 30g, 10.5*12cm; 60g, 10.5*12cm, etc.

Which humidity level I should choose for cigar package?2019-08-20T11:41:13+08:00

For cigar product, generally our clients use RH69%-72%.

What is the chemical composition of the material inside your humidity control pack?2019-08-20T11:41:57+08:00

Our humidity control packet are mainly plant fiber inside, it is card type, eco-friendly, no leaking potential risk. And widely used for cigar and cannabis packaging maintain the product at a certain humidity level.

What is the shelf life of your product and the effective life?2019-08-20T11:43:34+08:00

The shelf life of the humidity control packet is 2 years if unopened and store the goods in dry, cool environment. And the effective life of the packet is about 3-6 months if used in the product package.

Can you do a custom printing on the packs?2019-08-20T11:45:45+08:00

Yes we can print your logo or company information on the outter packaging material.

Do the humidity control pack come in individual properly sealed bags for each?2019-08-20T11:46:30+08:00

We usually pack hundreds of packs in a box, that’s what we always do for industrial mass production. And we can also pack it in individual properly sealed bags or other retail packaging for resell.

What is your delivery date?2019-08-20T11:47:18+08:00

Generally the humidity control packet goods can be ready within 20days, it according to the quantity.