Chunwang(CW) efficient desiccant are made of Calcium Chloride and starch, which is widely used to absorb moisture inside package/storage or during shipment. It absorb moisture and convert the resultant mixture to another substance by changing its chemical properties a process that is irreversible.

1.Moisture Damage
1)Short circuit
2)Get mildew, mold
3)Cause rust, delamination,discoloration,and so on
4)Cause disease

2. Nature of Mold
1)Nutrient:sugar, oil,etc
2)Water:RH>60%, mold start to grow; RH 80%-90%, ,mold grow rapidly
3)Temperature: above 8℃, mold start to grow; 25℃-28℃, mold grow rapidly
Optimal Growths Environment of Molds
Temperature between 20℃-35℃ & Relative humidity between 75%-95%

3.Materials Easy to Moldy
Real leather or suede
Imitation leather/suede in PU
Coated fabrics (PU, Wax or Oil etc.)
Natural rubber
Natural down/feathers
Garment containing artificial fibers
Washed items
Denim Jeans
Real straw / jute / grass / paper, fibers that are produced during a wet process

Specification of CW Efficient Desiccant

Product ModelCODE Series
Net weight2-150 gram per bag
Bag constructionTyvek/coated fabric inner lining, + PE/PP +
(dual layers)Non-woven outer layer bag
Flat DimensionPlease see the chart on part 8
IngredientsCalcium chloride+starch

Benefits of CW Efficient Desiccant

1)Moisture Absorption: The moisture absorption capacity of calcium chloride desiccant is more than 10 times that of ordinary desiccant.
2)Packaging advantages: ordinary desiccant generally adopts single-layer packaging that cannot lock water. Calcium chloride desiccant adopts double-layer packaging of DuPont paper + non-woven fabric with strong water-locking ability.
3)Applicable temperature range advantage: Silica gel desiccant will not absorb water but will release water vapor when the temperature exceeds 37 °C (this characteristic determines that silica gel desiccant is not suitable for use in sea transportation), and calcium chloride desiccant is suitable for -5 °C to 90 °C.
4)Brand advantage: Chunwang brand has been widely used by many Fortune 500 companies and has a certain popularity in the world.
5)Environmental advantages: NON DMF, REACH Compliant, no pollution to the environment, can be discarded as ordinary garbage.
6)Service advantage: Chunwang professional team can provide you with free product testing and tailor-made moisture and mildew proof solutions for you.

Desiccant Comparison

Application & Recommended Usage

Agricultural products: spices, coffee, tea, tobacco, pepper, ginger,

cloves, cashews, cocoa beans, vegetables, fruits, canned, etc.  Wood products: household and paper products

Electronic products: electrical appliances, cables, toys  Leather goods: footwear, clothing, home

Metal products: sheet metal, coils, machines, autos/accessories,  aluminum ingots, copper products

Textiles: clothing, batik products and duties

Household items: glassware, plastic products, handicrafts

(Using steps)

Take the desiccant package out of the carton.

Open the plastic bag, make sure the desiccant is useful.

Take out suitable amount for use, put it into the package of your product and seal the package instantly.

The rest , reseal as soon as possible for next use.

Packing Details

1 gram1g50 x 50 mm10000 pcs/carton
2g gram2g55 x 92 mm2500pcs/carton
5 gram5g55 x 105 mm1000pcs/carton
10 gram10g105 x 112 mm800pcs/carton
20 gram20g110 x 125 mm500pcs/carton
25 gram25g110 x 125 mm400pcs/carton
50 gram50g110 x 175 mm200pcs/carton
100 gram100g160 x 180 mm100pcs/carton