Chunwang(CW) efficient desiccant are made of Calcium Chloride and starch, which is widely used to absorb moisture inside package/storage or during shipment. It absorb moisture and convert the resultant mixture to another substance by changing its chemical properties a process that is irreversible.

1.Moisture Damage
1)Short circuit
2)Get mildew, mold
3)Cause rust, delamination,discoloration,and so on
4)Cause disease

2. Nature of Mold
1)Nutrient:sugar, oil,etc
2)Water:RH>60%, mold start to grow; RH 80%-90%, ,mold grow rapidly
3)Temperature: above 8℃, mold start to grow; 25℃-28℃, mold grow rapidly
Optimal Growths Environment of Molds