Humidity control packet, is made of plant fiber inside, and the outer packing material is non-woven paper. It is a newly-developed product, widely used for cigars and cannabis packaging to keep the product in good condition.

Product Characteristic

1. Two-way humidity control with no need for power
2. Control humidity range: 30%-80%
3. High Wet capacity, speed humidity control, whether it is moisture or wetting performance, are better than the traditional “silicone moisture regulator”
4. Innovative materials. Fiber-based moisture-proof agent from the natural plant fiber and polymer materials, safety and environmental protection, harmless  to the products and the human body
5. The shape of the fiber-type humidity-conditioning material is “card-like”, easy to use, less space occupied; no dust or particles leak
6. Precise control over desired humidity; wide application, such as cigar, museum, cannabis and etc.

Product Application

1.Herbal Medicine: Cannabis
2.Tobacco Storage: Cigar
3.Museum collection, wooden instruments,
4.Camera Lense


ItemSize(mm)Humidity Percentage(RH%)


Generally for 1dm3 space package, it can use 1-1.5g humidity control packet. The dosage of humidity control packet depends on the box package size, the material of the box, the sealing, the local humidity. Please check the below dosage for your information:

Package space(dm3) Humidity control pack dosage

Working Principle

The working principle of humidity control packet is in the relatively confined space, to keep the space humidity reach the value during the humidity control range, if the humidity in the space is higher, the humidity control packet will absorb moisture to maintain humidity at a certain level, otherwise, if the humidity in the space is lower, the humidity control packet will release the humidity.

Usage Direction

1. Select the size of humdity control bag according to the quanity and size of cigar;
2. Open the bag and put cigar in,sealing;
3. Obsever the humidity monitor or indicator card to judge the humidity inside.


1. Quality guarantee period is around 2 years;
2. The period of usage is 2-3 months;
3. Use in time after open the sealed bag or re-seal to storage;
4. Please replace the humidity control sheet after one period of usage.