Humidity control packet, is made of plant fiber inside, and the outer packing material is non-woven paper. It is a newly-developed product, widely used for cigars and cannabis packaging to keep the product in good condition.

Product Characteristic

1. Two-way humidity control with no need for power
2. Control humidity range: 30%-80%
3. High Wet capacity, speed humidity control, whether it is moisture or wetting performance, are better than the traditional “silicone moisture regulator”
4. Innovative materials. Fiber-based moisture-proof agent from the natural plant fiber and polymer materials, safety and environmental protection, harmless  to the products and the human body
5. The shape of the fiber-type humidity-conditioning material is “card-like”, easy to use, less space occupied; no dust or particles leak
6. Precise control over desired humidity; wide application, such as cigar, museum, cannabis and etc.

Product Application

1.Herbal Medicine: Cannabis
2.Tobacco Storage: Cigar
3.Museum collection, wooden instruments,
4.Camera Lense


Item Size(mm) Humidity Percentage(RH%)
1.5g 30×45×3 30%-80%
4g 60×70×3 30%-80%
6g 60×80×3 30%-80%
8g 60×100×3 30%-80%
30g 105×160×3